Android L Vs Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System


It hasn’t been long since Google first unveiled its brand new and upcoming Android L operating system to the world. And that’s natural considering the KitKat has been around already for quite some time now. Android L was first announced at Google I/O 2014 that took place last month. In fact, the developer preview for the same was released the following day. The OS, that’s coming later this year, has already generated a wave of excitement among all Android users across the world. Although it isn’t the previously touted Android 5, but it seems like Android L is the next generation of Android (for the time being). With the arrival of “L,” a host of new changes were also introduced by Google. In fact, according to Sundar Pichai, head of Android, it is set to be one of the biggest Android updates to date.


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The Android L is also set to offer a radical new design with 5000 new APIs. And while it is already available for developer preview, the “L” will be contextually aware of its surrounding, with voice being a major input source.




Remember how in KitKat you had the options for auto-rotating the screen or even use notification light (Pulse) to your advantage? Well, with Android L now set to arrive this fall, expect things to change around a bit with similar options how placed in a separate menu. There’s also a new check box for facilitating the adaptive brightness.


Google Nexus 8 Release Date, Price Rumors

The rumor mill has been churning out speculation since the name Nexus 8 has been uncovered by German developers Florian Kiersch and Carsten Knobloch. The Nexus 8 has been the focus of many leaks lately with regards to its specs.

Report is saying that it will have an NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel main camera, a 3 megapixel front-facing camera, 16 or 32GB of internal storage and it will weigh about 418g.
The Nexus 8 will reportedly be announced on a dedicated event before the end of this year.

Google Chromecast – The Simplest Way to Appreciate Online Movie and Songs on Your TV

Google Android chrome cast
Chromecast is an attempt by Google to make TV wiser than they are stated to be at present. It is a small USB program that allows customers to flow video clips on contemporary TV places from any processing program. It is the size of a human thumbs and places into the HDMI slot of the TV set. The other end of the dongle features a small USB slot for wired connection. It is a plug-and-play program that can be set up without additional technological skills. It facilitates several programs such as YouTube, Blockbuster on the internet, Google Perform and The planet pandora as well as iOS, Mac, Ms windows and Ms windows Phone gadgets.

Despite the amazing increase in variety of the variety of computer systems, easy Internet availability and numerous on the internet services such as YouTube and Blockbuster on the internet, the TV set continues to be a fundamental element of many homes. However, the early Last millennium innovation has not become as wiser as younger technology such as laptop or computer and cell mobile phones have, though TV producers LG, Panasonic New samsung and Sony models have significantly modified the product over the years. TV places have innovative significantly in terms of components and the modern ones, especially those that are called smart TV, feature HDMI slots, which is all Search engines Chromecast needs.

The pack in which Google Chromecast is provided contains the information about the set up procedure of the product. It is not much complex than set up of USB locations. The program has to be incorporated with the wi-fi network at home and parallel with the gadgets that are designed to access it. The set up window encourages seems to be on the screen instantly. Once the program is set up, the program interface is similarly simple to use. Google has launched a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Search engines Throw technological innovation in order to enable third-party designers to add abilities into their programs. Currently, only Blockbuster on the internet, YouTube and Search engines Perform Films are the programs that the technological innovation facilitates.

Android Chrome cast

Once the TV is linked with the laptop or product, video clips can be loading on the TV with the help of the Chromecast symbol that seems to be on the pc as it clip is selected to be performed. The loading begins on the TV within a few seconds after the training. Remarkably, the product from which it clip is loading can be used for other purpose while it clip is performs on the TV. Users may even put the product on stand by. The YouTube program allows development of movie playlist for enjoying video clips successively. Including movie from a new program to the playlist interferes with the then enjoying movie. However, after the initial disruption, video clips can be easily added and performed from the new program too. Apart from a few similar minimal bugs, the program works fine and quality of it clip is not affected in any case.

Considering that Apple TV, Roku 3 and Plair three times as expensive as Chromecast and that popular satellite tv TVs are not undisputedly swiftest in loading and changing video clips, Search engines Chromecast certainly has the potential to be “the simplest way to enjoy movie recording and music on” the TV.

Google Nexus 8 2014 Release Date Leak

Google Nexus 8

Rumors concerning Google’s Nexus 8 refuse to die, and the latest leak suggests the fabled device is currently undergoing trials in India.

a shipping manifest posted on Zauba showed that Bangalore Air Cargo had shipped out two ‘Nexus 8 prototypes’ on two separate dates. The first device that was shipped on June 30 came with the description “similar to Nexus (7)”. It is not clear what this information means. Curiously, the second device was simply listed as “Nexus 8 Prototype” with no further information.

As of now, Google has yet to announce the Nexus 8 tablet by name. In fact, it was the rumor mill that first coined the term ‘Nexus 8’ to describe the rumored follow-up to the successful Nexus 7 tablet. The recent cargo manifest, if accurate, suggests that Google is indeed preparing to release the Nexus 8.

Earlier, it was rumored that Google had cancelled the entire Nexus series that included devices such as the Nexus 6 and Nexus 10 (2014). Even so, the tech giant may continue the Nexus name with tablets — if recent gossip is to be believed.

Google Android Wear – Useful Details That Goes With You

Google Android Wear

Google Android Wear


Google has been taking some serious actions to take the wearable industry from its beginnings interval to a much more innovative level. Currently the wearable industry is in a identical interval to what the intelligent phone gadgets were in the year 2007. One of the useful gadgets released for the android operating system app designers is the android operating system use that provides immediate details to people wherever they are. Google has taken all the necessary actions needed to develop a firm base for wearable gadgets. Android use is a more compact system that can confirm to be a excellent option for the pills and mobile mobile phones. It is just like Search engines Now and concentrates on keeping the person wearing them modified about all the details needed about the present place.

It is designed on a threefold viewpoint that says “information that goes with you.” The threefold viewpoint of Search engines tries to bring discreet, real and reliable details to the customer. Android apps development Company have been generating some amazing programs that have assisted the customers in one way or the other. But with the coming of android operating system use the designers need to pay attention to various developing various innovative options that can confirm to be useful for Google’s android operating system use. The two navigations techniques used by Google in this system are webpages and loads. These techniques implement to both the third celebration programs and the local programs.

In case a person gets three different information in the hangout then it would be arranged together in collection of credit cards. The webpages would be arranged together for the longer information and facilitated for the customer to perspective them. The main concept behind this is to create the best use of the smartwatch and show everything with quality. Third celebration app designers in the android operating system programs growth company are known to be the center for android operating system. They would be boosting for their present programs to work well with the new android operating system use with few simple up-dates. The SDK was created available for android operating system database integration on July 25 and now the designers have accessibility all the techniques needed for developing programs for Search engines use.

These techniques consist of developing customized UXs, building appropriate connection for the wearable system, helping the show and such as excellent unique function. Some of the programs that one should look out for while using the android operating system use are trello, ifttt, runtastic, Search engines keep, evernote use, eat24, 1weather, fly delta, hue control, etc. It has a very simple to use user interface that provides important notices and keeps the whole world at the user’s fingers. The observe also has the power to create recommendations according to present time and give an concept of place based on context-sensitive information.

While one is on the go they can accessibility the notices relevant to the notices relevant to any different location. Using this system makes it much simpler for the customer as they don’t have to take out their mobile mobile phones or the product again and again. They just have to look at their observe and accessibility all the details about their location as well as their present place.

Google now lets you mirror your Android phone and tablet on your TV with Chromecast

Google now lets you mirror your Android phone and tablet on your TV with Chromecast

Google now lets you mirror your Android phone and tablet on your TV with Chromecast


Google announced at Google I/O 2014 Android mirroring has now arrived on the Chromecast. The feature means you can now see your phone or tablet on your TV, navigating your apps, content, and anything else you want, just in a bigger form.

To start mirroring, fire up the Chromecast app on your Android device, open the navigation drawer, select “Cast Screen” and choose the Chromecast device connected to your TV. If you have a Nexus device, the feature can be accessed through the quick settings menu.

In traditional Google fashion, the feature is launching in beta. You can expect it in Chromecast version 1.7 (rolling out “over the next few days”), with support for “popular” Android phones and tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG, and other

Android App Development and Marketing – The Many Hats You Need To Wear


Android is one of the leading operating systems in the world of smartphones and mobile devices. Mobile application development is consistently rising to meet and exploit the growing demand for efficient applications. However, development alone is not enough to have successful business with a well-built application. Like it is in all industries, marketing plays significant role in creating a wider market for the application and thus generating handsome revenue. Besides, there are other factors that have to be considered for a successful application development. Research, Design, sneakiness and technical support are some of the areas worth mention in this context.

Research & Feedback: Thorough research is prerequisite for any application development project. It is impossible to understand the exact need, requirement and expectation of customers without surveying target communities. There are numerous applications in the market for various need of customers. Another application will just not bother anyone unless it addresses one or more requirement that other applications do not.

When companies or individuals hire Android developer, they specify the requirement. Developers should go through the requirement specification and clarify with the client every point that has even slightest level of ambiguity. However, the same task needs to be methodologically if the developer is planning a new independent application.

Feedback from users is also part of research, although it is sought and received after the release of the application. Feedback is significantly helpful in streamlining the application to make it more meaningful to users.

Design: Any Android developer may go through frustrating time while designing the interface for the application. The UI has to be perfectly balanced. It should be appealing and attractive as few users will download a blunt application. However, intuitiveness cannot be compromised for creative designing. The final product should be so simple to use that even Java Men can use it. While the developer focuses on striking balance between design and ease-of-use, the functionality and efficiency cannot be forgot as the same application will be used by technology-savvy users.

Technical Support: It is a great means of making customers feel valued as well as collecting feedback. In fact, customers’ calls are an indirect feedback on the product. Individual Android app developer should provide access to elaborate but easy-to-understand knowledge base as he will not be able to provide consistent online or phone support. Moreover, issues that occur due to loophole or bug in the application should be noted and corrected in such a way that it does not occur in future.

Sneakiness: It is the art of making the application function responsively according to the users. Not all applications need to behave sneakily. For instance, if the application can detect what kind of user is running it and switch to simple or advance mode accordingly, all users will be pleased and review it great.

Conclusively, Android application development is not just the matter of expert coding and a developer needs to put on many hats in order to achieve success in the cut-throat competitive market.