Google Nexus 8 2014 Release Date Leak

Google Nexus 8

Rumors concerning Google’s Nexus 8 refuse to die, and the latest leak suggests the fabled device is currently undergoing trials in India.

a shipping manifest posted on Zauba showed that Bangalore Air Cargo had shipped out two ‘Nexus 8 prototypes’ on two separate dates. The first device that was shipped on June 30 came with the description “similar to Nexus (7)”. It is not clear what this information means. Curiously, the second device was simply listed as “Nexus 8 Prototype” with no further information.

As of now, Google has yet to announce the Nexus 8 tablet by name. In fact, it was the rumor mill that first coined the term ‘Nexus 8’ to describe the rumored follow-up to the successful Nexus 7 tablet. The recent cargo manifest, if accurate, suggests that Google is indeed preparing to release the Nexus 8.

Earlier, it was rumored that Google had cancelled the entire Nexus series that included devices such as the Nexus 6 and Nexus 10 (2014). Even so, the tech giant may continue the Nexus name with tablets — if recent gossip is to be believed.



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