Android App Development and Marketing – The Many Hats You Need To Wear


Android is one of the leading operating systems in the world of smartphones and mobile devices. Mobile application development is consistently rising to meet and exploit the growing demand for efficient applications. However, development alone is not enough to have successful business with a well-built application. Like it is in all industries, marketing plays significant role in creating a wider market for the application and thus generating handsome revenue. Besides, there are other factors that have to be considered for a successful application development. Research, Design, sneakiness and technical support are some of the areas worth mention in this context.

Research & Feedback: Thorough research is prerequisite for any application development project. It is impossible to understand the exact need, requirement and expectation of customers without surveying target communities. There are numerous applications in the market for various need of customers. Another application will just not bother anyone unless it addresses one or more requirement that other applications do not.

When companies or individuals hire Android developer, they specify the requirement. Developers should go through the requirement specification and clarify with the client every point that has even slightest level of ambiguity. However, the same task needs to be methodologically if the developer is planning a new independent application.

Feedback from users is also part of research, although it is sought and received after the release of the application. Feedback is significantly helpful in streamlining the application to make it more meaningful to users.

Design: Any Android developer may go through frustrating time while designing the interface for the application. The UI has to be perfectly balanced. It should be appealing and attractive as few users will download a blunt application. However, intuitiveness cannot be compromised for creative designing. The final product should be so simple to use that even Java Men can use it. While the developer focuses on striking balance between design and ease-of-use, the functionality and efficiency cannot be forgot as the same application will be used by technology-savvy users.

Technical Support: It is a great means of making customers feel valued as well as collecting feedback. In fact, customers’ calls are an indirect feedback on the product. Individual Android app developer should provide access to elaborate but easy-to-understand knowledge base as he will not be able to provide consistent online or phone support. Moreover, issues that occur due to loophole or bug in the application should be noted and corrected in such a way that it does not occur in future.

Sneakiness: It is the art of making the application function responsively according to the users. Not all applications need to behave sneakily. For instance, if the application can detect what kind of user is running it and switch to simple or advance mode accordingly, all users will be pleased and review it great.

Conclusively, Android application development is not just the matter of expert coding and a developer needs to put on many hats in order to achieve success in the cut-throat competitive market.


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