Android app growth as a game development platform

ImageAndroid has surpassed iOS to be the most popular mobile operating in the world. There are hundreds of millions of active Android devices and hundreds of thousands of Android devices are activated daily throughout the world. There is more than one reason behind the popularity of Android. First and the comprehensible factor is the open source nature of the operating system. However, there are deeper and more technical reasons. It is a notable factor in this context that gaming is the strongest and fastest growing niche in Android app development. While the Google mobile OS still lags behind iOS in some domains, it is clearly the top favorite of mobile game developers.

The open source nature of Android has certainly helped in its expansion and offered the flexibility that the dormant community of potential developers needed. From skilled and experienced Android application developers to amateurs who try their talent for the first time, the platform accommodates all. A fact of the matter is that even free Android applications have potential to generate greater revenue than what paid applications generate. That hardly leaves any doubt which platform is the most suitable for beginner-level development. That is why the disparity between iOS and Android is not as much in higher levels of application development that it is in the start-up level.

The user-interface of Android is developed using Java, which is an open source programming language. The open sources make development easy and feasible for developers who contemplate starting their earning through mobile application development. The Google platform has a great application framework that facilitates replacement and reuse of components. Its custom 2D graphics library and open GLES 1.0 3D graphics specifications have optimized the quality of graphics offered by the mobile OS. Graphics is highly regarded by gamers and that is another reason why game developers prefer Android to other mobile OS. While high-investment games can be and are made for various mobile platforms, games for mindless fun and entertainment are predominantly found on Android. It is because the developers can relate to the investment that they have to make and the potential of earning, which keeps the account rolling and enables individual developers or companies to start larger projects.

Android supports various audio, video and image formats such as GIF, PNG, JPG, AMR, AAC, MP3, H.264 and MPEG4. Such extensive support is what any Android game developer appreciates. Some of the most common categories of games that are developed on Android platform are mind games, puzzles, Hollywood-related games, card games and different race sports. Action games are also in good concentration at Google Play.

People with an idea can hire Android developers to get the application or game according to their specification. Freelance developers as well as companies provide development services and people can hire them for personal applications as well as commercial projects. Though there is no shortage of developers in the open market, hirers need to verify whether they have worked on diverse projects and can deliver the product on time.


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