iPhone 5 and iOS 7 – More Secure or Privacy Problems


iOS 7 is the latest major release of mobile operating system of Apple – iOS. Both software and hardware developed by Apple are considered elite by technology enthusiasts and there are reasons that justify the favour that the American company enjoys. New releases are expected to introduce more efficiency and it is not wrong to believe that the latest OS upgrade will better facilitate iOS application development. Applications are what add great value to advance hardware and software of Apple devices. However, unlike regular Apple events, the release of iOS 7 has not been a smooth affair for Apple and for its users.

The release of iOS 7 last year was seen by many as unnecessary expedition from Apple’s side. The new upgrade released but with some significant flaws. Apple released an update to fix the flaw months later in February this year. Thus, users of iPhone 5, which features iOS 7, have been using their devices for their regular activities for more than a quarter of a year. Though a concern, it does not seem big enough to ponder upon, or, until the real issue is not known. With the update, apple revealed that it will fix the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) vulnerability of iPhone 5.

The news shocks iPhone app developers, users and analysts alike. Such tremendously impactful flaws are contrary to Apple that has been known to people for decades. The incident really put question mark after security and privacy in iOS 7. It is fairly understandable that even companies as big and careful as Apple can mistake and the bug will eventually be removed completely. However, that cannot undo the privacy problems that users might have faced. In many cases, iPhone app development might have been doubted to be faulty while it was all going on at the OS level. The worries are not over yet as the patch was not released for all devices that run on iOS 7.

It is notable that the SSL fault is an encryption issue and users of iOS 7 have faced the man in the middle (MITM) scenario. It is the worst nightmare that an Apple user can have. MITM renders security of iPhones and other iOS 7 devices entirely susceptible to breach. In this scenario, a third-party programme can intercept communication between end-users and servers. The interceptor can even edit the content that is being communicated and can launch a malicious bug into website or software that is used for communication. The fault also posed question to every iOS app developer regarding what they can independently do to provide relatively greater security to users.

The tensed period hovering over iOS 7 has considerably relaxed. Apple did take note of the issue and responded. However, there is much to be done yet. Apple users are considered the most faithful and the company cannot let go that by. As of now, iPhone 5 is a solid phone with features and functions that please both fans and new users. However, it just not time for the verdict on whether it is more secure or has privacy problems.


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