Changing Business Perception with Mobile Game Development


Smartphones have revolutionised the use of technology in daily life. It is quite safe to mention that mobile platforms have advanced enough to assist everyone in every activity. There is just no limit to the extent to which smartphones can be used in the present age. Incredibly, such advancement has not exhausted the scope for further growth. Smartphones are continuously evolving with continuous improvement in hardware, operating system and applications. The all-round advancement in the mobile phone industry not only helps in deeper integration of technology in daily life but also provides more and more streamlined solutions for users.

As it is apparent, the use of smartphones is not limited to only important and productive needs such as education, work management, time management, etc. There are seemingly infinite numbers of applications for sheer entertainment, fun and madness. Mobile game development deserves mention in this context. In fact, no other niche of application development has exploded as greatly as mobile game development has. Every decently large company that is involved in mobile application development has a team of mobile game developers to exploit the ever-expanding market. Opportunity is vast and prospective of growth seems long-termed too.

Nearly every mobile phone manufacturer has caught up with the trend of smartphone production. Indeed, the smartphone market is dominated by Samsung and Apple with 32% and 15% market-share respectively. However, even small mobile phone companies that are less known have entered the business at top gear and successfully slice out respectable market-share percentage of their giant counterparts. Software development firms that create operating systems for mobile devices have obviously played equally significant role in making technology man’s best friend. Google leads in the market of mobile OS and is followed by Apple. However, Microsoft is steadily catching up with Windows Phone.

Apple is clearly a dominant name in both hardware and software production. In fact, its dual nature has helped it earn relatively greater profit than its competitors. Despite being seconded by another company in both smartphone manufacturing and mobile OS development, iPhone and iPad game development is the most fruitful domain for developers and development companies. Surveys reveal that iPad users download most numbers of games than users of other devices. One reason behind this is that guidelines posed by Apple for application development are highly user-centric and user-oriented. Thus, where there is greater scope for sales is likely to be more profitable market.

iPad and iPhone game developers dominate the mobile game development industry. The good news about mobile game development, whether it is for iOS, Android or other platforms, is that educative games are also available in great numbers. This is one domain where no other platform matches iOS.

There is more number of sensible and educative games on iOS than any other OS. It is changing the business perception of game development industry. Now, developers appreciate the need of games that can be played to improve attention, quantitative aptitude and other intellectual and censorial ability.


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