Emergence of Mobile App Development


Mobile communication has now become an integrated part of people’s lives and it is hard to imagine a life without a cell-phone. The first introduction of mobile phones in the market had the primary aim of providing people with a mean to talk on the move and send messages to others. The roots of the first cellular phone can be traced back to the year 1973 when Motorola released DynaTAC 800X at a price of about $ 4,000. The phone had simple features without any type of mobile applications. Nearly about twenty years later IBM came up with a cell-phone which included different features such as calculator, world clock along with calendar and contact book. It was during this period that mobile games started making their appearance. Nokia introduced the highly popular ‘Snake’ video game on its devices and led to a change in the thought process of people about communication.

 A huge advancement was made in the field of application development when BlackBerry Smartphone was introduced to the market which also marked the dawn of a new era of wireless emailing. Availability of new features like downloadable content, text messaging as well as basic web access helped users to download simple applications like music files and ringtones and send emails without the need to use a computer. The arrival of true Smartphones started with the inception of 3G networks especially after the year 2005. The online media accessibility boom slowly paved the way for mobile application development so that users could take advantage of the huge availability of web-based data options.      

As the years went by advancements in the development process of the mobile application development kept polishing and in the year 2008 in the month of July Apple launched its first app store with just over few thousand applications. Android soon followed the footsteps of Apple by introducing their Android Market in the same year. From that moment onwards, the entire technology surrounding mobile phones started changing rapidly with newer developments appearing every now and then to shape it up in the most efficient and technologically advanced manner.


Mobile phone market of present years have become a lot more fragmented with every single platform like iOS, Windows and Android sharing what’s in it together. With the development of the various mobile platforms, the demand for different types of applications began to rise among the users. On top of that, the arrival of the touch-screen device in the market started to make things faster and easier for mobile users. Innovative and advanced applications for individuals as well as businesses started to appear to make lives a lot easier and faster. At present, there is huge demand for a reliable and efficient mobile app development company to cater to the every growing demand for mobile applications across different platforms. Along with mobile phones, the applications have also become a necessity for today’s fast paced life. The fact that these applications have brought the world within the palm of the hands has made them an inevitable part of everyday life.



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