Reach Millions of iPhone Users with iPhone Application Development


Apple is one of the top smart phone manufacturers in the World. Unsurprisingly, the American company has strong customer-base as the company sells tens of millions of iPhone’s every year iPhone app developers have had a significant role in the success that the smart phone brand has achieved. Indeed, the efficiency of iPhone’s has to be acknowledged when its success is discussed. However, the high level of efficiency would have gone wasted had there not been equally efficient applications to exploit the features of the phones. That is where iPhone applications development deserves appreciation. The result of due acknowledgement of advance features of iOS by the developer community has made iTunes a rich application store, in terms of both numbers and quality.

The advantage that Apple enjoys over its competitors is the dual nature of its production. Apple manufactures the hardware – iPhone handsets as well as develops the software – iOS while its competitors are either phone manufacturers or OS developers. Google has launched its smart phone while Microsoft has been able to produce tablets yet. In short, even software manufacturers who have entered mobile device development are far behind in competition with Apple iPhone’s. This is the key factor of exclusivity that iPhone’s are known for. Unlike Android and Windows, iOS is not open source mobile operating system and is licensed for installation only on Apple devices. Thus, every iPhone application that runs on iOS has certain level of exclusivity for the software.

Apple sold 32 million iPhone’s in the 2nd quarter of 2013. It occupies 7.3% market-share in the smart phone manufacturing and sales in industry. There are 1 million applications at iTunes. All the facts reveal the size of iPhone market and the number of people using the American brand throughout the World. Business opportunity that such vast a market offers can be exploited only through aggressive iPhone applications development. Everyone knows that smart phones are not just communication devices and are useful in various purposes. From fun and entertainment to specific needs, iPhone app developers have several categories for which they can develop applications. In fact, the trend has already set in as numerous freelancers as well as several development companies produce applications for iPhone’s. Individuals and firms who have resources but are yet to produce an iPhone application are only ignoring opportunity that is knocking at their doors.

In addition to features of the phone, innovations of third parties also get the credit for the vast opportunity that exists in iPhone applications development. Online social and business networks provide opportunity to reach millions of iPhone users with the help of users themselves. Releasing the information of an iPhone application launch on social and business networks can help in viral promotion of the product. Even a few users who like an application can spread the word like wildfire right from their mobile phones. Thus, it is certainly possible to reach millions of iPhone users with iPhone application development.


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