Web application development services help you reach out to a wider audience


We at Tanzanite Infotech take into consideration all your demands and carve out just the right app that stands up to your expectation and can fulfill your task. No matter in whichever sector your business falls in, we have worked in many different sectors and our developers can work with all their skills to deliver exactly the app that you may need. Our professional are experts in PHP , ASP.net, Java, Open source customization , Code Ignitor, Zend, CakePHP . We create an app according to the requirement of the client and within their budget.

Our team of web developers basically adheres to the following steps in their development of the web apps:

• Collecting the requirement of the clients and gathering information regarding it to analyze further details
• Wireframing and Designing
• Development.
• Testing by internal Quality Analyst team
• User Acceptance test (UAT)
• Deployment

We at Tanzanite Infotech can create custom web application development services to let your business have the exclusive feel and connect with the customers effectively. Our experts are well versed in client side coding as well as server side scripting that helps them to give their best into any development process and showcase their complete skill and strength in the app.

At Tanzanite Infotech, we provide an array of web development services like:

• E-commerce development
• Educational applications
• Social Networking
• Online discussion forums
• Project Management applications
• Interactive games
• Content Management Systems.
• Open Source Customization
• Joomla Web Development
• WordPress Web Development
• Drupal CMS Develoepment
• Magento Commerce Dev.
• Ruby On Rails Development
• X-Cart Web Development
• OsCommerce Development


The simple and convenient applications produced by our professional developers provides full satisfaction to our clients and that is the reason why most of client return back to us with more works in the future. Our range of services that vary from simple mobile sites development to complex internet applications, social network services and e-Business applications makes sure that our clients get whatever they need

At Tanzanite Infotech, we not only promise quality apps, we also promise support in case you ever need it. Our experts make sure that no stone is left unturned in churning out the perfect app to stand up to your requirements and propel your business to great heights. So, come to us and get your business a quality app that can help it reach out to a wider audience.


The best way to choose iPhone apps Developers

iPhone app With the surge in the popularity of iphone and its well flourished, rich features App and iTunes store, the sector of iPhone apps Development Company becomes more competitive and advanced. In such environment, where every development company is offering the service of their iPhone app developer with flying colors, it’s become important to pair with the best among the rest. According to your app category, expertise may vary and hence there is no thumb rule of selecting an iPhone app development company. However, there are some expert suggestions that guide you towards the right company for your iPhone application: • Get aware with company’s capability, specialty and experience The first and foremost thing to enquire is that the mobile app developers company you are visiting is capable to transform your imagination into a lively iPhone app or not. You can verify this by checking their portfolio and tracing their experience and specialty in the desired niche. You can glances their track record, spend time with some of their in-house developed apps that indicates their quality and creativity and decide if they sound confident in developing your app. • Analyze the strength of their iOS app developer team The iPhone apps developer’s team is the key factor for any mobile apps development company you should check out the balance of experience and young enthusiasm in their team. Their working methodology, tools and technique and update with the best and latest in technology should be known. The company’s iOS app developer team must possess excellent interpersonal skill to understand, enhance and execute your requirement in the form of iPhone app. • Know about estimated cost of development After a brief quality check, it requires to have an idea about the cost of the overall project. The estimated cost must fit your budget and sound competitive in the market. The cost of developing an iPhone app will never be a cheaper, but it must considerable. • Request reference of their clients Ultimately client satisfaction and app success is the top-end motto of mobile app Developers Company. The reviews of previous clients help you to analyze the company potential and conduct towards client. If you found it positive then you are done with almost half- battle and feel that your app is going into safe hands. • Check for privacy and flexibility in terms and conditions The iPhone app developers company you are dealing with should ensure the privacy of your idea, data and information provided to them. You must sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding this. Developing iPhone app is a long process so it’s natural that some new ideas might crawl in your mind while development. Therefore, the company you are betting for your upcoming iPhone app must be flexible in terms and conditions. Considering these points will surely land the best iPhone application development into your pocket with chances for getting much better app than expected. Summary: Having a personalized iPhone app either for commercial or personal interest is considered as a strategic trend in Smartphone arena. It’s a matter of profit and proud to be a part of Apples app store family. But it won’t be easy as it seems to be. Ending up your search with one of the most suitable development company for your prospective app among thousands of options is really a tough job to be done. Author Bio:- The article focuses upon some most important points for iPhone app Developers Company that proves best way for choosing the right development company for iOS apps developers .

Unity game development company India – Tanzanite Infotech

Mobile phone is the device that has faces tremendous transforms and upgrades in terms of design, feature, specification and application, and all these in a quick journey. When mobile market has evolved users are only interacted with limited functionality apps like messaging, ringtones and graphical themes. But, that journey has come to a long way where now mobiles are termed as Smartphone and apps have become the nerves of its eco-system. In this advanced mobility era, there is an app for almost everything from games to health and from the navigation to calculation. And this transformation and technical enhancement has become possible just because of some expert and creative mobile application development company.

unity 3d game screen

With the introduction of iOS and Android devices, mobile platform is not only limited to talk, text and browse, but has clad in various application tools. Users are now more focused in finding, downloading and enjoying mobile apps. Along with dedicated mobile users these applications are equally attracting the professionals and business personals. Today mobile application development company is offering efficient mobile apps technology that plays a crucial role for advertising, promoting, and expanding brand and enterprises. With the devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets these apps are thriving immensely in latest mobile market.

Unity 3d game
For graphics and logic crazy generation ‘Game’ is another word for mobile apps. In latest mobile world, games are not just limited to entertainment bundle, but it’s a way to cater the excitement, sharpening the logical mind and exploring the adventure. The high-end tailored Smartphone’s like iPhone and Android devices feature the rich graphics game with the creative task puzzled scoring and live-with-game experiences. All this is characterized by the team of skilled iphone game developers and Android games developers. Numbers of such games are pre-installed in user mobile and thousand of different niches games are downloaded every day from app stores. The credit of this intense affection towards game is going to the experts that work in mobile application development company that provides them latest tools and software to bring life in animation.

Unity 3d game

Mobile application development company works at their best to bring exclusive mobile application and games in the market. By teaming up with their software developers and programmers, these companies bring out the apps for almost every possible mobile platform like iOS, Android and Windows. They are also active in developing the same for cross-platform. Mobile application and game development have secured the profitable corner in mobile development industries and playing a strategic role in networking, health monitoring, and control system, security and performance enhancement. Mobile apps also come up as effective business tools that assure the popularity and contribute in revenue. One can easily access the number of apps to fulfill his requirement or can use the service of developer to build the app on demand that suits their project and need.

Unity 3d game

Mobile apps and Game development company are changing the scenery of mobile technology and making it a necessary part for personal and professional life. The revolution from apps has given a new way to look towards your Smartphone. The apps are making life simple, easier and advanced by going parallel with technology.

Google Showcases Android Best Practices by Open-sourcing Google I/O App

Google IO 2014 App Source Code Now Available

Google has recently made available the source code of the 2014 version of the Google I/O app. The primary goal of this is to provide a practical example of best practices for Android apps development, including essential features to most Android apps, and a customizable template for apps with similar features.

The Google I/O app was designed to help navigating the Google I/O conference, both for people attending in-person or remotely and, besides exploring the full conference agenda, allows to build a personalized schedule.

A wide variety of features that are useful for most Android apps, such as:

  • Fragments and Loaders.
  • Services.
  • Broadcast Receivers.
  • Alarms and notifications.
  • SQLite databases.
  • Content Providers.
  • Action Bar and the Navigation Drawer.

In addition to this, the I/O app source code shows how to integrate with several Google products and services, including Google Drive API to Google Cloud Messaging. The app provides an example of new technologies that Google presented at the 2014 Google I/O conference, such as the material design approach, the Android L Preview APIs and Android Wear the app is meant to be useful to the developer community as a learning tool, a source of reusable snippets, and a template for similar apps. Indeed, says Oliveira, in an effort to simplify the process of reusing and customizing the source code to build apps for other conferences, the 2014 Google I/O app uses a sync adapter based on plain JSON files that can be hosted on any web server and does not require a server with a specific API.

The source code also shows how user data can be stored in the Application Data folder of the user’s own Google Drive account and kept in sync across multiple devices, and how to use Google Cloud Messaging to trigger syncs when necessary to ensure the data is always fresh.

Skype for Android Update Makes It Easier to Find Your Contacts


Skype updated its Android app Wednesday, and the 5.0 version syncs users’ address books from their phones to their Skype accounts.


First, users will have to verify their phone numbers in the app to sync contacts. Then, the phone’s address book will instantly import information on the Skype contact list. Those who have Microsoft accounts will also be able to automatically import contact lists from other Microsoft programs like Outlook.

Previously, users had to input each contact. The new update promises a smoother transition from phone to Skype.

“This means it’s easier than ever to find contacts you already know on Skype so you can start chatting, calling and sharing instantly,”

Google Explains How Knox Improves Android L Security



At Google I/O 2014 the company unveiled Android L, the next major update for its mobile platform. At the event Google announced that it will be incorporating parts of Samsung’s Knox enterprise security suite to improve the security of the Android platform. The end game here is to make it easier for organizations to allow employees to bring their own Android devices to work and use them on corporate networks, thus eliminating the need to carry separate devices for work and personal content. Google has now explained some of the improvements that are possible due to Knox integration.
One major improvement is the ability to keep personal and corporate data completely separate on a single Android device.

The feature builds upon existing multi-user support in Android so personal and corporate apps run as separate users on one device. Data is kept safe by using verified boot technology and block-level disk encryption.

To enable enterprise grade security services Google and Samsung have developed new APIs or application programming interfaces which will only be available as part of Google services and will not be built into AOSP or Android Open Source Project. In corporate environments the APIs would allow IT admins to enforce wide set of policies that range from system settings and certificate provisioning to app specific restrictions.

Both companies have made sure to include backward compatibility so developers who have already created apps for Samsung Knox won’t have to build them again for Android L.
It was recently reported that after helping Google integrate Knox, Samsung would stop development on Knox. But the company has since confirmed that it doesn’t intend on doing that and has also detailed all of the hardware-based Knox features that will remain exclusive to Samsung devices even after Android L is released.

Samsung and Google highlight differences between Knox and Android for Work

differences between Knox and Android for Work

During Google I/O 2014 we learned that Samsung and Google were teaming up to bring at least parts of Knox technology over to Android, in the form of a new Android for Work feature. This immediately led some to speculate that Samsung would be canning Knox altogether in favor of Android for Work, though Samsung latter denied this and promised Knox would continue to be actively developed.
So what exactly is the difference between Knox and Android for Work? Today both Google and Samsung have released statements to their respective blogs highlighting what Android for Work has borrowed from Knox and what’s different. In a nutshell, Android for Work contains all the non-hardware-specific Knox features including Security Enhancements for Android, enterprise APIs (derived from Knox APIs) and Knox’s data separation technology.
This means that hardware-dependent features like TrustZone will remain specific to Knox, and Knox will exist on top of Android L’s enterprise features for Galaxy owners, with Knox APIs acting as a superset of the new enterprise APIs. Here’s a full list of features from Knox that are not a part of Android for Work:
• TrustZone-based Integrity Management Architecture (TIMA)
• Real-time Kernel Protection
• Client Certificate Management (CCM)
• Trusted Boot-based Key store
• Remote attestation
• Trusted Boot
• Biometric authentication
• KNOX Smart Card Support
• Government-certified KNOX components
• Common Criteria
• STIG standards (FIPS certified crypto library, FIPS VPN, audit, etc.)

Samsung and Google highlight

Just like Knox, you still get enterprise-level security, block-level disk encryption, and verified boot technology on non-Samsung devices but the overall presentation will be different. Most noticeably, instead of Knox Workspace, Google has its own managed profile system that will work a bit like the existing profiles feature found on Android tablets. Each phone/tablet will have just one managed profiled and IT policy managers will have centralized control over certain functions allowing them to enable and disable specific apps, set specific restrictions, wipe managed profile data and more.
Bottom-line, Knox and Android for Work are related and should perform similarly, but there are some differences. For developers, the most important takeaway is that applications built using Knox APIs will play nicely with Android L devices.